Early Praise for Unschooling Rules

"One of the few books with which I have ever agreed with every word.”
- Larry Rosenstock, creator of San Diego’s High Tech High

"As penetrating an exposition of 'what's wrong with schools' as I've seen anywhere. Painfully relevant... with the help of wry and perceptive humour. Recommended reading for anybody interested in the future of education, whatever form that might ultimately take. For 'real unschoolers', I think it's a gift for biting back at the critics. It might however be a provocative read for parents with children in school who just want schools to be better than they've become."
- Bob Collier, Publisher, The Parental Intelligence Newsletter

“#8 on the list of 13 influential books that can change the world”
- Dr. Jack King

“It will blow your mind.”
- Mark Johnson, “Live, with Mark Johnson,” WDEV

"A quick read, intellectually refreshing."
- Wendy Priesnitz, Founder and Editor, Life Learning Magazine

"As fun to read as playing Serious Games and his list of “55 rules that change our vision for schools” [is[ as pragmatic as the author."
- Eliane Alhadeff, Editor, Serious Games Market

"What a wonderfully insightful piece of work by Mr. Aldrich that will enlighten and challenge even the seasoned unschooler/homeschooler! But this is not just a book about unschooling FOR unschoolers; this book speaks to and endeavors to engage society as whole in a new conversation and perspective about education. This should be required reading for all learners and educators who don't believe that schools and true education are necessarily mutually inclusive."
- Marilyn Olowe, Owner, Well By Dezign, and Organizer, 1st Annual Black Unschoolers Conference

“Aldrich is a talented writer... Unschooling Rules is a clear mandate... that is increasingly accepted and poses a major challenge to public schools.”
- Dennis Schapiro, Public School Montessorian

“Five out of five stars. I couldn't stop turning the pages. Straight to the point. Concise. Easy to read. Thought provoking and challenging. An ideal book for gifting to concerned relatives and friends!”
- Sara McGrath, Unschooling Examiner, and author of The Unschooling Happiness Project: A Guide to Living A Happy and Fulfilling Life Through Love and Creativity

"Unschooling Rules... offers sharp observations about learning and education (a distinction Aldrich works throughout the book). The book doesn't savage schools and teachers, but it can be read that way. Apparently, many home schoolers have done just that. The book is a constructive argument that reconceives learning."
- Training Media Review

"Absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend Clark's latest book - Unschooling Rules. This book delves into topics that aren't new, but overlooked in education, or ignored. I commend Mr. Aldrich for bringing these 'rules' to the forefront and not apologizing for his candor. I will do my part in taking this viral!"
- Dr. Holly Ludgate, Program Director: Education Media Design & Technology Master’s degree at Full Sail University

"It's a journey well worth taking."
- Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher, National Research Council of Canada

“Unschooling Rules is a handbook and curriculum for how to educate kids better. Aldrich does a very satisfying job of summarizing the unschooling philosophy in a simple, clear way.”
- Radio Free School

"Wise, concise, and direct! I had to consciously restrain myself from jumping up and down with excitement in the middle of an airport during my first read of Unschooling Rules! Clark's concise, direct approach is right on target. For those of us familiar with unschooling, it is a joy to read Clark's 55 items of observation and advice, and agree with every single one of them! For those new to unschooling, Clark's insights provide a fantastic starting point for exploring this other paradigm of learning."
- Kenneth Danford, Co-Founder and Executive Director of North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens, Hadley, MA

"This is a gloriously clear and cogent book, the perfect book for handing to new friends and in-laws who want to discuss the home-schoolers' socializing and education...again. The educational model as it stands right now is heartbreaking and soul-crunching, and with any luck books like this will provide some sort of map out of the wilderness."
- Quinn Cummings, The QC Report

Praise for Aldrich's Earlier Books
Note: Unschooling Rules is the first Aldrich book for a broader audience. His earlier works were industry books written for academic, military, and corporate audiences.
The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games (2009)
"Ready to blow your mind? Spend 15 seconds reading Clark Aldrich's Style Guide for Simulations and Serious Games. Witty, fast paced, and non-linear - it's Spock meets Alton Brown."
- Lynne Kenney, PsyD, The Family Coach

"Aldrich is signaling the end of the age of Gutenberg. Aldrich takes direct aim at why the K-12 and higher education system are failing, myopically trapped in a nineteenth century world of 'learning to know' in a twenty first century world that requires the judgment and skills of 'learning to do.' Aldrich’s revolution transforms the way we learn."
– Jeff Sandefer, Founder, The Acton School of Business

"Clark Aldrich provides his clear vision of how 'learning to do' will liberate us from our industrial education legacy that has for too long been shaped by outdated, linear, passive instruction. I recommend this book without reservation for anyone interested in the future of learning."
- Don Williams, Ph.D., P.E., Manager, Global Learning Research, Microsoft Corporation

"This guide points the way to a new, more powerful way of learning by doing. It is a must read---a must read and study---for those involved in education and journalism."
- Bill Kovach, former Washington bureau chief of The New York Times and former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Aldrich has done it again. Before you’re halfway done with this book you’ll be looking with the new perspective and set of competencies for creating interactive experiences."
- Denis Saulnier, Educational Technology Director, Harvard Business Publishing

"Top Product of the Year"
- Training Media Review

Learning by Doing (2005)
"Clark Aldrich draws upon a vast array of resources, from higher education to the corporate world, from state-of-the-art computer games to live role plays to get a sense of where we can go in learning. Filled with practical suggestions and diverse examples, this book is a great read for educators of all types."
- Marshall S. Smith, Ph.D, director, education program, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

"Learning by Doing is the real thing. Aldrich offers deep and lucid theory always accessibly packaged inside fully practical examples and applications. His new book is the best way available today to come to grips with changes that will eventually transform learning in our schools, workplaces, and society."
- James Paul Gee, , Ph.D, author, What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy; professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison

“Aldrich is a great guide to this inevitable and important part of our immediate future. He shows us what's here and what's next and what we ought to be thinking and doing about it. It's well organized, thought provoking, really practical, easy to read, and includes a healthy dose of attitude. Learning by Doing connects technology to pedagogy to results.“
- John Coné, Former CLO of Dell Computers & Consultant in Organizational Learning

“Learning by Doing provides a comprehensive and informed review of the present and possible futures. It’s refreshing to see such a complex topic addressed with humor and scholarly acuity.”
- Noah Falstein, former game designer and executive producer, LucasArts Entertainment and Dreamworks Interactive.

”If you want to design a new learning experience or enhance existing content, Aldrich presents you with a clear outline of your options. And the models presented in Learning by Doing provide a valuable bridge for cross-disciplinary teams.”
- Margaret Corbit, Research Outreach, Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University

Simulations and the Future of Learning (2003)
“…A compelling and deeply informative book that should be read by anyone who cares about the future of learning, and for those who seek to build a sustainable model. “
- Jonathon D. Levy, Vice President Online Learning Solutions, Harvard Business School Publishing

“…Read this book, take the journey. Clark Aldrich takes us to learning in the 21st century. In this world managers and employees will have the dynamic skills needed to succeed in this dynamically changing workplace.”
- Gerry Lang, Worldwide Learning Platform and Services Director, Microsoft Corporation

“…Essential reading. The tools are in place to provide everyone the ability to augment their own innate capabilities. This text will be considered one of the early beacons to shed light on how and when simulations will shape the learning revolution. “
- Dylan Schmorrow, Ph.D., Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

“I read through the entire book in one sitting. Clark Aldrich has achieved a similar effect to Tracy Kidder's Pulitzer Prize-winning, The Soul of a New Machine. Clark compels us to the conclusion that there is truly no other way to learn than through simulations. His analysis of how an entire world of game players will probably learn little in traditional environments results in the realization that we are on a collision path with the current generation when we attempt to teach them with lectures and trivial interactions and exercises. Believe it or not, the book also made me laugh out loud. In addition, I learned more about Leadership by reading about the simulation than I have in 35 years of management training programs and book reading. These are serious accomplishments for what I expected to be a technical book."
- Gloria Gery, Author, Speaker

“… Insightful and instructive. Any organization that is serious about developing human capital should not do a single thing until they have read this book.”
- Tony O'Driscoll, Ed.D., IBM Center for Advanced Learning

"...A must-read primer."
- Peg Maddocks, Director, Learning & Development Business Process, Cisco Systems Inc,

"Absolutely one of the most interesting and entertaining I’ve ever read in our industry. Aldrich has written a unique book at a time when our industry needs it most. Like a legendary explorer, Aldrich details his quest (successes as well as failures) to build a great leadership simulator. We are left with a breezy and entertaining tale, along with a valuable map to this tricky terrain. The next generation of learning professionals will view this book as the birth of ‘the new wave’ of learning.”
- Kevin Kruse, e-learningguru.com